The First Maine Heavy Artillery

A Regimental History Website based on the book of the same name By Horace H. Shaw and Charles J. House

About This Site

In April of 1997 I began a search for information about my family.   In the course of this search I learned about my Great Grandfather, Stillman Smith Woodcock, and of his activities with the First Maine Heavy Artillery during the Civil War. 

With a desire to know more, and a small hope for a photograph, I located and purchased a copy of "The First Maine Heavy Artillery," by Horace H. Shaw and Charles J. House.  It took very little time for me to realize that the large amount of personal information contained in that book would be important to many other people, and that it should be shared on the Internet.  And here we are!

This web site is dedicated to all of the members of the Regiment, to their descendants and families, and, of course, to Stillman.

I hope that you will enjoy your visit and share a story or two with us.  Please feel free to send email!

Clarence L. Woodcock