The First Maine Heavy Artillery

A Regimental History Website based on the book of the same name By Horace H. Shaw and Charles J. House



The descendants and families of the First Maine Heavy Artillery regiment are indebted to George H Coffin for providing us with this description of some of the activities of the First Maine Heavy Artillery regiment.  His recollections describe a personal view of one member of the unit through more than one of the horrific battles. 

We are also indebted to his Grandson, Stewart T. Coffin, for rescuing the document contents, publishing them twice, and providing them to all of us as a gift of learning.   Stewart first published this manuscript in 1976 (100 copies), and then again, in this revision, in 2002 (10 copies).  One of the new publications was provided to us specifically for the purpose of making it available to all who wished to have it.

Three Years in The Army is available here online from the link below.  It is currently provided online or the online files may be downloaded via a self extracting zip file (below).

I hope that you enjoy 3 Years in the Army as much as I have.

Clarence Woodcock 

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