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Posted By: Bob Mathers on: 12/17/2007 09:04:42 EST
Subject: RE: Remembering Ike Turner

Message Detail:
John wrote: 'I don't know, Bob, you pick some unusual artists to praise!' of the many reasons why I think you're a great guy to have on this site is that you are a lovable gadfly. Which is not a bad term. As I'm sure you know what that means...with your vast and impeccable employ of the English language.

I understand full well that Mr. Turner's reported physical peccadillos with the former Miss Bullock gave new meaning to the phrase 'Ike & Tina's Greatest Hits'.

Heck, those who have known of my failings and missteps have perpetrated my infamy over the years...such as it is, or was, to whatever degree...and that is a consequence of wrongdoing.

Which is to say, we all have those darker moments of our existence that unfortunately wreak havoc and leave a less than savory legacy.

The good news is...there is hope and forgiveness with God...regardless of anything we may have done.

My intent was not to praise Mr. Turner, as I never met him, much less knew him.

What I was trying to communicate was a point.

Death is the great equalizer.
Which leads us immediately to the final arbiter.

The one that has departed has hopefully for their sake gotten squared away with the Lord before they enter eternity.

There is a tendency with all of us to 'rate' a person's worth based on the offenses they have committed.

Personally...I hope Ike Turner is with the Lord...and he is if he turned to Him for forgiveness of his sins prior to passing away.

That's what the bible says.

Merry Christmas John.

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