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Posted By: Dave Gaddy on: 01/25/2014 11:19:14 EDT
Subject: RE: It Wasn't, It Shouldn't... But Who Cares?

Message Detail:
I've yet to seen anything about the "original" US signal corps insignia other than the War Dept 1864 approved version. While we have to be careful about citing post-war memories, there is contemporary evidence that "crossed flag" insignia were being displayed earlier -- perhaps as early as 1862 -- but were local or non-standard. The 1864 WD decision was intended to settle the matter with an official stamp of approval.

This means to me that the DATE -- prior to perhaps spring of '64 vs. earlier, or however long it took to place in supply channels -- must be taken into consideration. A few years ago, "MI - Military Image" had an issue dedicated to the US Signal Corps that featured some of these variants, in my view. (And Walt will recall that in his "famous" CWTI cover as a signal officer, I quibbled with the wider angle of the two flag staffs, as being based on the modern insignia.) Suppliers might not like that dated distinction, but this is the sort of distinction that dedicated living historians must respect.

If I am in sync with you on the vender of the fantasy insignia you are referring to, I would have to ask for documentation.

As to CS, I have yet to wrap up my research (altho John S. knows a key, and has respected it). I believe it differs from the US and demonstrate that. If and when. I suspect the sutler channels will reopen ... and that we will have to warn against proliferation. After all, display by some proud warrior created an aiming point for some proud sharp shooter.

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