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Posted By: John Schultz on: 01/23/2014 14:28:42 EDT
Subject: RE: Exsist'g or Succeed'g? Stagnat'g or Advanc'g?

Message Detail:
Walt, Valerie (and all)

There are a few "active" Signal Units in our hobby here in the 'east'.

Over the last 4 years we've all done pretty damn good I think at organizing and making things work as smoothly as possible.

There's two 'primary' CS units - and one 'primary' US unit. We've all got each others' cell numbers and we ALWAYS communicate prior to events and we get together when camps are done being set up to discuss the weekend's going on's. Within the active units there are very little "Ego's" or people asserting themselves where they need not go. We get along - and we enjoy a good quality level of cooperation and fundamental knowledge.

Within the CS side we further get together on Saturday for an abbreviated Signal Drill spending time covering any specifics we'll have to use for that event. There's always new people - and they get some 'indoc' at the training. The CS units discuss who to best 'staff' the parties requried and make the necessary assignments of personnel. We always try to put 'new guys' wiht more experienced people so that they can still DO the job but be closely monitored.

We've had no major issues in the past few years that I can remember right now (in the 'off season').

Since this loose 'organization' came together in the last 4 years I've noticed a marked improvement in US/CS communications as well as that same improvement within the CS Signal Units.

Much of the 'excellence' that the CS Signal Units enjoy is, in large part, due to Bob Stecker and "B.A.". They were our Mentors, our Friends, and our 'brothers' in arms.

Walt - we also owe QUITE a bit to you and your wealth of knowledge.

After being 'on the field' in this hobby for 10 years now I can firmly say that there will probably never be any 'hard' organization or 'qualification' process for signalists in our field like the Artillary has. But - that is OK for us. Our job is slightly easier, less complicated, and MUCH less dangerous. So long as the active units continue to agressively work together as we have then event commanders will continue to enjoy period communications.

Your Obedient Servant,
John E. Schultz, 2nd Lt, Signal Corps of the James, Army of Northern Virginia

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