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Posted By: Valerie Mathers on: 01/23/2014 14:04:13 EDT
Subject: RE: Exsist'g or Succeed'g? Stagnat'g or Advanc'g?

Message Detail:
When my husband told me that he thinks he's feeling more anxiety now that he's older, I told him that, in my opinion, he feels anxiety because he cares about outcomes. Our subsequent discussion resulted in this post.

In any endeavor, outcomes matter, otherwise, why act? Walt suspects that he bores you folks with his "rants" about signals on the re-enactment field. What he is doing is caring about your outcomes, as he cared about his when he was re-enacting. That sort of "anxiety" was what sent him to planning meetings to argue in favor of signalists' usefulness and their needs if they were to be of use. That sort of anxiety is what shaped his behavior during events, behavior which, I'm told, sometimes confused or outraged other signalists, who weren't prepared for military behavior. While Walt was engaged in a re-enactment, he was not engaged in a hobby. He was engaged in a military endeavor which demanded certain outcomes stemming from his own efforts, and the efforts of those working most immediately with him. His willingness to work for those ends, beginning at the planning stage, was what made his results of such high quality (this quality bit I got not only from my own observation, but from other re-enactors and from my museum colleagues).

So please, wade through what he says. Take the trouble to find the kernels of wisdom. Try using them; they have been proven to work. The new, albeit somewhat anxious position in which you find yourselves, probably will be also greatly more satisfying, for you, for the other re-enactors with whom you work, and ultimately for the attending public.

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