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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 08/24/2013 11:54:41 EDT
Subject: Inlaid Sewing Pattern For Flags

Message Detail:

In reply to your last two postings please allow me to say that no front and back pieces were known to be sewn together as in a sandwich of flag materials.

Picture, if you will, a tile floor in which you have one or two horizontal panels set on the floor.

With the single panel one would have to cut a small square out of it's centre to insert a small square of a different color'd tile.

With a two tile arrangement of horizontal pieces, the insert square would be cut from the center horizontal seam of each of the larger ones. The solid centre square would be placed within the middle between the two larger pieces of horizontal tile.

Now let us work with a three section set of tiles. The top and bottom horizontal tiles would remain uncut. The middle tile would, however, be cut into thirds, placing one of the thirds parallel to the hoist end and the other even with the fly end. The middle third of the tile will have become waste as a contrasting color square will take its place as the middle space.

Also, as to contrasting colors, please know that there was neither a two foot black flag nor a six foot red flag prescribed for service on the Union side of the equation.

It is the sewing-in of the square that becomes the tricky part. In addition, 100 % Cotton twill ought to be used for the ties placed one foot apart regardless of flag size. The image of a two footer, otherwise known as an action flag, depicted in Myer's manual from '66 forward, and subsequent carried over in Brown's 1896 signal history, is by an illustrator who, unfortunately added too many stokes of his ink pen.

Like the artist, unfortunately this post was long and regrettably a bit drawn out, but I hope you get the picture - at least verbally.

PS - Look at the link below and tell me how many ties the six foot flag ought to have but doesn't. Chances are, the artist was not a signallist as well. Enjoy!
P.P.S. What makes the kit shown in the link a Regulation Kit as opposed to the later Service Kit?

Message Link:

Regulation Set Show'g Incorrect No. of Ties
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