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Posted By: Dave Gaddy on: 08/24/2013 09:46:27 EDT
Subject: RE: Cutlasses- Back-room Ornaments

Message Detail:
As you know, the SigC, PACS was a small, cadre organization of officers and sgts, expected to be supplemented by detailed men as required. Sig stas (as best I can determine) were to be protected by men assigned from supported troop organizations. I have no info on the officers/sgts having any weapons other than revolvers and possibly swords (whether issued or privately procured; whether symbolic for show or use as necessary). No requisitions noted. No evidence detailed men brought their weapons or left in hands of parent unit.

Milligan's ISC, on the other hand, recruited privates and NCOs, as well as officers to capt plus major early '63. In original organization in Norfolk-Portsmouth area as a non-combat company, or later in Petersburg area divided into two companies (with non-army numbering 1 and 2, vice army letters) I find no standing procedure governing guards for their small and isolated sites, and Milligan at pains to secure small arms -- offered shotguns, later equipped with
"Austrian" (cal .54?) and Enfields (.577), possibly some Springfields of .58), trying to standardize and avoid ammo mixing.

So those cutlasses showing up in the Richmond supply office of the regular SigC drew my attention. We know that some of Norris's men were "loaned out" for occasional diversions (serving as guides or participating in raids, such as Cherrystone on Eastern shore of the Bay). Milligan seems to have confined his arms requests to command ordnance ordnance channels. (Allow for exceptions in available info - unreported battlefield or other pick-ups,
etc.) Also recall that Milligan supplied army-style signalmen for embarked James River flotilla/squadron vessels (if I might use the term). But no evidence Barker supplied Milligan

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