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Posted By: Mark Hageman on: 07/24/2013 09:12:14 EDT
Subject: 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment

Message Detail:
The 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Reenactment is now just a memory- but what a fabulous memory it is! There were approximately eleven thousand reenactors, one hundred forty cannons, four hundred horses, and sixty thousand spectators over the four days. There were seventy cannons aside for Pickett's Charge - possibly the most ever on the field. The Wheatfield engagement on Friday and Pickett's Charge on Sunday can only be described as spectacular. The Gettysburg Anniversary Committee, the military command staff, and the living history staff were well aware that the
excitement and expectations of the reenactors, visitors and the community was very high for this special event. As a matter of fact, over the top could be a more apt
description. That fact became even more obvious every day and every hour as we talked to visitors and reenactors from across the country and around the world; and they
expressed what the event meant to them. In the end it meant a lot of different things, to a lot of different people. Personally listening to all those reasons was revealing, satisfying and emotional. If you missed this event you missed one of the best reenactments ever!

It is with not one ounce of exaggeration that the positive comments, accolades and job well done remarks are coming in bunches from reenactors, Visitors and the
Gettysburg community for the 150th Gettysburg National Reenactment. As reenactors were leaving the site on Sunday, after being soaked and then stuck for some time in typical post large event traffic, time after time they rolled down their window and said to the staff "great event, job well done, thank you, we will be back." As visitors stood in line, drenched in the pouring down rain after Pickett's Charge on Sunday, waiting to load shuttle buses, they had nothing but positive comments, attitudes and observations regarding the scenarios and event organization. Community leaders and residents have nothing but good things to say about this event, 0rganization and execution. General Gesuero echoes that sentiment, in his commander's post that follows, by
saying "With an unprecedented level of cooperation on all levels, this event was an outstanding success. The feedback we have had has been overwhelmingly positive
and it continues to flood in. General Baldwin also accurately comments in his post "that the 150th Gettysburg National Reenactment will be remembered as the pinnacle of 150th events."

We must tell you - as a community organization that has worked tirelessly for 18 years to do these events responsibly - those comments and remarks are very gratifying given the significance, anticipation and dynamics for this event.

With all the aforementioned compliments, there was one compliment that was especially noteworthy and appreciated. At the officers soirée Saturday evening at the historic Entwistle homestead, ANV General Jake Jennette reflected on the week and made the following observation. General Jennette stated that in his 37 years of reenacting, this was the best event he had ever attended, including the numerous events he had personally organized or helped organize. He also commented that GAC listened to the reenactment community and followed through with every single thing they promised. That is high praise indeed! Thank you General Jennette! Also very worthy of notice and recognition was General Ron Palase leading his troops and defending the wall during Pickett's Charge for the last time. Well done and thank you, General Palese, for your 18 years of friendship and support!! We would also like to thank General Baldwin & General Gesuero and all their staffs, as well as our own GAC staff, living history coordinator Kirk Davis, as well as the Redding and Entwistle families, for their tireless efforts in the past year to help make this reenactment one to remember for a life-time for reenactors, visitors and the community. When you have a chance, give Generals Baldwin, Gesuero and LH coordinator Kirk Davis a pat on the back and personal thank you for their supreme effort in making this a great event for you!


Five Beneficiaries Receive Funding From National Reenactment

Randy Phiel (GAC) presents $10,000 check to Stan Clark (SGT MAC/National Wreath) while Tony Strickland, George Lomas (GAC), General Brian Gesuero, General Allen Baldwin and the other four event beneficiaries await their check presentation.

The Gettysburg Anniversary Committee had pledged to support five local preservations with proceeds from reenactor registration. We are very, very proud to report that commitment was fulfilled on the field Sunday, just prior to Pickett's Charge, when the principals of GAC, along with Generals Baldwin & Gesuero, presented $10,000
checks each of the five local beneficiaries. The recipients were the Adams County Historical Society, Land Conservancy of Adams County, SGT MAC Foundation/National
Wreath Project, Gettysburg Museum At Seminary Ridge and Sachs Mill Covered Bridge Restoration (County of Adams). All these organizations are largely volunteer and do great work in supporting the Gettysburg community, its open space and its history. The recipients were stunned and overjoyed with this generosity and express their immense gratitude to the reenactors and reenactment community.


Make A Wish

We are proud that Make A Wish has been part of the GAC Reenactment for many years. It is one of the most rewarding aspects of the event for our staff and organization. This year we hosted the Trey Meyer family from Leroy, Illinois. Trey who is 14 years old and has cystic fibrosis, was thrilled to don his Federal Artillery coat, interact with the artillery and view the battles from a special viewing area. Special thank you to the Federal staff and Artillery Brigadier Col. Rick Dennis for making Trey's wish come true.


100th/150th Anniversary Participant Presentation
Prior to the 6PM battle on Saturday, thirty reenactors who participated in the 100th Gettysburg Anniversary, and were participating in the 150th Gettysburg National
Reenactment, were recognized on the field for their participation in both of these significant events and fifty years in reenacting. The honorees had their names
announced and each received a special 100th/150th bronze participation medallion with a display case from GAC; and a Pennsylvania Legislative Citation from the Pennsylvania Senate facilitated by PA Senator Rich Alloway whose district included Adams County. Senator Alloway participated in the presentation and the honorees were given their medallions and citations by Generals Baldwin & Gesuero.


151st Gettysburg Anniversary Reenactment At Gettysburg Movie Site

Historic Sachs Mill Covered Bridge in view and adjacent to Gettysburg Movie Site site of 151st Gettysburg Reenactment.

GAC is proud to announce that next year's 2014 Gettysburg Annual Reenactment will return on July 4, 5 & 6 to the Gettysburg Movie Site on Pumping Station Road overlooking
the Roundtops and the historic Sachs Mill Covered Bridge next to Gettysburg National Military Park. Although this will be a much smaller event, this is a wonderful small
event venue that both reenactors and staff appreciate; with a more personal and relaxed atmosphere as well as great historic views. Given that there is much more
flexibility in planning for a small event - we are looking for your input to make this event personal, unique and interesting. Organizing any event is hard work; but this is an excellent opportunity for the reenactment community to pull off a quality smaller event and have lots of input and fun doing it. We look forward to your input and participation. We hope see you on July 4, 5, & 6.


Opportunities To Re-Live The 150th Gettysburg National Reenactment

150th Battlecast

For participants on the field that did not have an opportunity to experience an overview of the event and battles, or for those who could attend the reenactment,
you now have an opportunity to view some spectacular reenactment footage. You have an opportunity to purchase a four-month subscription for $12.99 to the 150th Gettysburg Battlecast. This provides an all access pass to view Pickett's Charge and behind the scenes exclusive footage of the 150th Gettysburg National Reenactment. Simply go to the web at gettysburgbattlecast .com to subscribe.

Official 150th Gettysburg DVD

150th Gettysburg - Final Measure Of Devotion is the Gettysburg 150th DVD filmed at the 150th Gettysburg National Reenactment by award winning documentary film director and producer Rob Child. Rob is not new to historic film making and is well known internationally in that field. Rob's long list of acclaimed historic films and documentaries have received a long list of professional awards that include the 140th Gettysburg Reenactment video - Gettysburg Three Days Of Destiny, Wereth 11, Silent Wings, Lincoln & Lee At Antietam, USS Franklin - Honor Restored, and Gettysburg- The Boys In Blue & Gray to name just a few of his major accomplishments. Having seen some of the footage filmed by Rob's crew of twelve at the reenactment, we can promise spectacular footage edited to capture the essence of the event for a life-time of memories. Orders will be shipped in order received with shipping by Remembrance
Day weekend. Order at and click on 150th DVD.


Ceremonial Sword Presentation To Commanders

In appreciation for their unwavering work and leadership to make the 150th Gettysburg National Reenactment one of the best reenactments ever held, Tony Strickland and Randy Phiel (GAC) present ceremonial swords to Generals Allen Baldwin & General Brian Gesuero prior to Pickett's Charge.

It was our distinct pleasure to recognize and honor U.S. General Allen Baldwin & C.S General Brian Gesuero on the field prior to Pickett's Charge on Sunday at 3:15.
This was an extremely difficult and laborious event to organize and manage for all of us. There were a million moving parts and details for the past year. There were
countless meetings in Gettysburg and thousands of emails. There were agreements and disagreements. Despite all of this one consistent and unwavering dynamic was that we all understood the significance of this event and worked toward the common goal of making it an event that all the constituencies could be proud of. We feel we achieved that goal.

It is impossible to express our gratitude to General Baldwin & General Gesuero for their 150th efforts and leadership. On behalf of the reenactment community, the
Gettysburg community, and the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee, they were each given presentation swords in honor of their command of the 150th Gettysburg National Civil War Reenactment for a job well done!!


Federal Commander's Post

To my Brothers and Sisters in Arms,

A heartfelt thank you for your participation, support and commitment to making this event a true success and one filled with many wonderful memories. I have always been a believer that a good leader surrounds himself with great people and that it is a privilege and honor to lead these people. Without the help, dedication and commitment of the Federal Headquarters Staff, their tireless efforts along with those of the Federal Divisional and Branch Commands and General Gesuero with his esteemed staff and the superior support of the GAC Staff, this event would have not been a reality, let alone a success. There were struggles and obstacles to overcome but due to the commitment and dedication of the staffs and GAC we were
able to overcome those and make this a successful event that will be remembered as the pinnacle of 150th events. Even after the soaking rain and delay in getting out of the site, I continue to have people contact me and tell me how much they enjoyed the event. Numerous have commented that this was the high water mark of their reenacting career. The hard work on the scenarios and preparation paid off throughout the event. I keep hearing about the energy of the battles, particularly
the Wheatfield Scenario and Pickett's Charge. To be honest the high point of the event for me was being down at the wall on horseback and watching the Virginians
crash through into the pocket and the Federals being led by my long time friend, General Palase, rise up and repulse them as he commanded his troops for the last
time on the field. The energy at that moment on the field defiantly swept over me as I could feel it rush through the troops and me. For me it will be that Civil War moment that I will never forget based on the shear amount of energy present and that of watching a great friend and mentor do what he loves for the last time.

In closing, thank you for allowing us to serve you. We could not provide an experience such as this event without all of your commitment to the hobby. See you on the field.

Your Obedient Servant,

Allen W. Baldwin

Major General

Commanding Federal Forces

Overall Military Command

150th Gettysburg


Confederate Commander's Post

July 21, 2013

To my fellow reenactors,

I want to thank each and every one of you that stood with me and made the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment an event that we will
never forget, an event of which we are all proud of.

Many thanks to General Baldwin and his staff, Colonel Patrick Davis and my staff, General's Jennette and Bair and their staffs, General Nalls and his staff and General
Alexander and his staff as well the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee and their many employees. With an unprecedented level of cooperation on all levels, this event was an outstanding success. The feedback we have had has been overwhelmingly positive and it continues to flood in.

It was an incredible experience for me. There were some incredible fights. I will never forget how the Wheatfield looked from behind the Confederate lines. I watched
the attacks on Culp's and Cemetery Hill from a knoll where I could see both attacks. While it looked incredible, the sound of the intense rate of fire coming from Culp's Hill will always be remembered. Who will forget Pickett's Charge? After an incredible cannonade, the gray lines started across the field only to be destroyed in front of the Union position while General Armistead crossed the stone wall. I think that we all came away with our own fantastic and positive memories.

Many thanks to the GAC and the Redding family. They delivered as promised. The shuttles ran just like we said they would. I saw four at one time in Confederate camp! Ice deliveries were constant. When we needed to, they were readjusted to make sure all got the ice they needed. The port o pots stayed clean with two trucks on site 24/7.
Plenty of water. Everyone got the hay they needed. Firewood for everyone. Parking lots stayed orderly and organized because of the GAC employees that were stationed
in them. Three EMS stations were on site and manned 24/7. Once again, I can't say enough about the logistics. We made a lot of promises before the event and we kept
them all. Don't you wish every event was like this??

And a special thanks to the Confederate Forces. I rode the camps on Monday and they were pristine! Trash was bagged and taken to the port o johns. Firewood was stacked
at the end of camps. For an event of this size, almost 6,000 Confederates, to leave the camps in this kind of condition is incredible and I, the GAC, the Reddings'
and the Entwhistles' sincerely thank you.

I appreciate each and every one of you that helped to make this event a success and make me proud as the Confederate Commander. I hope to see you all in the field
again soon. On to Cedar Creek!

I respectfully remain,

Brian Gesuero
General, Commanding
Provisional Army of the Confederate States
"Nous sommes la Legion"

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