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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 07/06/2013 09:25:03 EDT
Subject: RE: A Need for Internal Reconaissance - A Reprize

Message Detail:
Kind Sir:

Thank you for sharing your insight here at SCARD's forum. Your postings have always proved invigorating to me and, no doubt others as well.

Facebook and a few of the other latest-and-greatest services may well have helped accelerate things in some ways but, unlike Facebook and other such areas, in my opinion, the search engine feature aboard this site can not be touched for what it can and has yielded these eleven odd years.

I suppose one of the overlooked tragedies within the re-enacting community is that so few groups retain the written word of their earlier growth spurts and sputters (even in cyber ink) so that they/all might occasionally re-adjust their field glasses and gauge a group's progress over the years.

We're working on our seventieth page of postings here at SCARD. Not only have we had a cadre of stalwart topic contributors, but our true friend and forum benefactor/provider, Clarence Woodcock, has permitted our site to serve as an interactive beacon these many long years.

Those who are drawn to this forum are ofttimes 'discover' a most extensive collection of material on the birth of modern military telecommunication. In fact, perhaps the most extensive and convenient such site in the World.

We raise our glasses yet again to Mr. Mark Hageman, who, over the years has literally devoted hundreds if not thousands of hours to crafting the very finest, nay! first-rate website, that has aided so many scholars and re-enactors consistently, time-and-time again. Much like Mr. Woodcock's forum, our main web presentations are supported courtesy of Mr. Hageman's personal account.

I happen to see your remark, "small formula - for every minute one posts in a discussion online, ten minutes of research time are wasted." a bit differently.

My thought is that for every minute one posts in a discussion online, ten minutes of research time may produced a greater understanding and appreciation of those we chose to emulate.

Whether those ten minutes worth of research eventually trickles through to a room full of lecture attendees or provokes a mind's-eye vision for a single re-enactment spectator, I feel that, in the end, having access to these insightful SCARD threads which you and others have etched here in cyber-stone since 2002, has help thousands to draw nearer to appreciating those 1860's pioneers than ever before.

Therefore, I declare that your time has not been wasted on me, Sir. Your postings, whether offered back in 2007 or today, have served as nothing short of refreshing to my sometimes otherwise pointed perspective. Thank You... Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

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