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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 05/23/2010 21:31:00 EDT
Subject: Recognizing Competence for 150th - A Reprize

Message Detail:
We are practically on the eve of re-creating scripted scenarios for the 150th anniversary mega observances.
For some, such as myself, this will be the last hoorah in re-enacting. A lot was accomplished during the 125th, and many of us were grateful to those who trusted in our abilities and allowed us to show the re-enacting community what effective communications could contribute to the success of events.

To me, getting the message through is the only thing. I believe that many of you think the same way I do. But without nationally qualified signallists, attending sanctioned qualifying camps-of-instruction, we cannot hope to carry the day during the 150th or ever.

Over the years, many who strove to be accurate and functional were set aside on account of incompetent impostors and posers who had traipsed across the stage ahead of them. Some of us were nixed repeatedly without being given a chance to prove our worth.

We cannot undo the past. We can't even hope to influence those field commanders who have been let down by incapable impostors of signallists.

Our only hope is standardized training, producing signallists who are documented as being qualified to perform all the duties of the job and take an active part in the successful scenarios.

We have two choices with which we can enter the 150th events. They are:

1. With a basic skills training aimed at: producing a uniform means of forming, transmitting and recording information; anticipating & preparing for scenario evolutions, identifying, establishing and maintaining various routes of communication to serve the needs of an event as it develops; or,

2. To click on the thread below, note the date, realize how little we've traveled since that date, and still come to the conclusion that nothing we could ever hope to do as members of the Signal Corps Association Re-enactors' Division, will ever make a bit of difference to seeing that the 150th anniversary observances of the War Between the States are executed as accurately as humanly possible.

Having event organizers and overall commanders informed to recognize verifiable pre-event competence is our only hope for sustained success.

If you care, say it here.


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Recognizing Competence
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