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Posted By: Ned on: 05/19/2010 16:47:48 EDT
Subject: Civil War Binocular Information

Message Detail:
Dear Sir,

I have a problem. I have been brought out of public school retirement to replicate
a very unique piece of American History.

My students at Hamburg Area High School, Hamburg, Pennsylvania, have been asked by the
Warren Lasch Conservation Center in Charleston, South Carolina to make
a replica of the signal lantern that was found on the Civil War
submarine the H. L. Hunley.
The H. L. Hunley
was the first submarine in history to sink an enemy ship. Legend has
it that the signal lantern was used to signal Confederate forces on
land that their mission was a success with a supposed blue light before the
submarine sank.

Clemson Conservation Center archaeologists have provided us with
pictures, drawings and x-rays of the lantern. When we finish, we will
have the made the only original Hunley signal lantern replicas. I
can't show you a picture of the Hunley Lantern, as we are under a
non-disclosure agreement with the conservation center.

This multi-disciplinary project will involve students in grades nine
through twelve employing knowledge in American History, Drafting,
Science, Metal Shop and Web Design. Throughout the school year these
students will build three signal lanterns and create and update a
lantern website. At present, we are more than 3/4 finished the lanterns.

The benefits for my students, the school district, the conservation
center and our area are tremendous. When completed, the best replica
signal lantern will be taken and donated to the Warren Lasch
Conservation Center in Charleston, South Carolina where it will be used
in a re-enactment of the sub's signaling the shore. This will either
back up the legend now used in schools or possibly prove it false. What an honor
for a high school to work with world
acclaimed archaeologists and a top rated conservation center.

Please check the latest work my students did while I was teaching at
Minersville Area High School, before my retirement, on similar
projects: "" or "".

problem is finding a pair of binoculars that we can use to see the
Hunley's replica signal light. We intend to test the lanterns at the
high school when we finish the lanterns and again in South Carolina.
We hope the school test will be done in June with the final testing in
South Carolina in November. I have contacted Civil War
re-enactors in the East and the best I can get is a pair of binoculars
from the 1870's.

I need binoculars that will work at night and can
be determined to be in the 1860-64 range. If paper work would come with
them this will help if there would be a question at the testing. The
binoculars could have been used on land at Battery Marshall where the
Confederates are reported to have seen the Hunley signal light. I am
going through the conservation center to borrow a pair of binoculars
when we go to South Carolina. I need to find a pair of binoculars to use at our
Hamburg testing.

help us out here, and possibly direct me to a person that might have the type of
binoculars I am looking for and allow us to borrow them for the Hamburg testing?
Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. I await your


Ned Eisenhuth
Hamburg Area High School
Hunley Signal Lantern

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