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Posted By: Dave Gaddy on: 05/03/2010 18:48:44 EDT
Subject: RE: Breaking the SC code

Message Detail:
Sorry, Tom. Another of your posts that sneaked by me. I believe that I mentioned Ed's comment that (pressed by publisher to cover the war) he reviewed his files and was shocked to find little printed after the mid-1950s! (I wonder if you got that impression in your first visit to his "papers"?) The second point is that his original research had essentially ended with Chancellorsville. Trying to be comprehensive meant that post-May 1863 had to be limited in geographical coverage and was a rather "quick and dirty" survey of the end game, lacking in the quality and depth of the first part. The third negative is that these first two observations affect the quality of the "net assessment" he was asked to include -- I think it is, understandably, "thin" on the Confederate data with which he made comparison. (An example is his aid to Bill Tidwell in seeking comparisons between the two sides in expending for covert operations: Bill had locked onto the voucher numbers maintained by SecState Benjamin for Pres. Davis and sought comparative figures for the Union. Ed had never, to my knowledge, looked into the Union equivalent -- his research was at the operational (field) level. Neither Ed nor anyone else that I know of has gotten into the Lincoln-Seward use of the President's "privy purse" for secret service, although at least one example exists in the published papers of Pres. Lincoln.)

Sounds as if a small attic apartment in Georgetown may have to factor into your longterm plans!

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