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Posted By: Dave Gaddy on: 02/02/2008 09:31:52 EDT
Subject: CS Signal Corps Telescope

Message Detail:
The forum has been quiet lately, so I have to assume you're all hibernating or re-enacting or sumpin'. Anyway, I thought you might like to view a CS Signal Corps telescope being offered on the 'Net currently.

This is No. 25 of an order of 25 from the British company, Negretti & Zambra, and brought in through the blockade in fall, 1864. This particular one was purchased in the mid-1970s by the late Bill Albaugh, and sold from his estate. It was minus its leather and a bit battered, but Bill had it (somewhat crudely?) re-leathered. It's my understanding that a later purchaser had our friend Malcolm Addoms of Richmond, VA do the present leathering, in a good approximation of British russet color.

The blurb with the item (number MR397 in the current, on-line catalog of Civil War Preservations -- note the "s" -- of Bethlehem, PA...not to be confused with the "no s" Civil War Preservation Society of Boston) is a bit garbled. I've been in touch with the proprietor, Kevin Hoffman, given the asking price of $10,500. I believe that all 25 were three-draw, and know of four, with a reputed fifth.

If you search a bit, you can find on eBay and on a Canadian Signals site info and pictures concerning British Mark II, III and IV signal telescopes, taking us up into WW II, and it's interesting how similar that model (although upgraded) continued to resemble what N&Z offered the Confeds in 1864.

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