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Posted By: Ray Wemple on: 11/27/2007 20:48:17 EDT

Message Detail:
That kind of post is really enjoyable to read. Re: The Myer Estate or property, unfortunately, the original home no longer exists. The original structure was destroyed by fire and a new home was built on the site by the property owner in the early 1900's. I have an aerial photo of that home which was provided to me by the present property owner. Several years ago during my research on Myer, I went to the Town of Hamburg, NY Assessor's Office and got the correct address and I believe Mark then went to the site and photographed the large metal gate, a copy of which is displayed here on this site. I met with the property owner at that time.

After speaking with the present property owner at that time, I was informed that they intended to demolish the home as it was too expensive to repair. Their intent was to construct a new home, but I don't know if that ever happened.

The deed to the property goes from about 1800 to about 2002 and Ebeneezer Walden, and I believe his son James is listed in it. Also, his daughter's name appears ( as young Albert would say, "My Dearest Kate") and Albert James Myer is in it too. I think most researchers know that Ebeneezer Walden had been the Mayor of Buffalo, NY 1838-1840 and also served as the Erie County Court Judge and was a well to do fellow to say the least. Having died Nov. 10, 1857, young Albert became co-executor of Ebeneezer's estate along with Mrs. Walden. The Judge, believe it or not, did not have a will. Since young Albert was married to " My Dearest Kate" in August of 1857 he was fortunate to obtain a place in the family which brought him into some considerable wealth.

I often wonder what would have happened to Myer after his exile and subesquent dismissal from the service in 1864 if he could not have afforded to continue lobbying to regain his former position of CSO in the Union Army.
He also had a small income from a patent that his father owned concerning the conversion of railroad cars into sleeper Pullman's. If my memory serves me true, that was around $2-3000.00 per year. A tidy sum in that era. It has been a long time since I dusted off my copy of Scheip's dissertation on Myer from which I gleaned the above information. Also from copies of some of Myer's personal letters.

Just a few thoughts that came to mind when you mentioned the Walden Estate in the Town of Hamburg, NY on Old Lake Rd.


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