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Posted By: Noah Briggs on: 11/02/2007 08:11:15 EDT
Subject: RE: Cedar Creek 2007 A Reply Concern'g an After-Action Summation of

Message Detail:
Perhaps the over-all commanders are unaware of the SCARD Forum and what it represents. Speaking as an historic specialty geek myself, I know it's easy to fall into the familiar rut of donning your interest blinders at the expense of the other groups around you. A lot of the overall commanders and their staffs at CC are busy working out other details, and the Signals, Engineers, Medical, etc. are just names on the coordinating list, (assuming there is one) and often are told "you can go do your own thing over there", and thinking they will be relatively happy doing their own thing.

Unfortunately the CC event has sort of wandered off course from the original goals, which is to recreate the Battle of Cedar Creek and enjoy the fact we can play on the original ground. A lot of folks have bailed from the event because they feel it has turned into a Gettysburg-style three-ring circus and chaos rules. To an extent they are correct. Everyone who signs on may or may not have a personal agenda to push during the weekend, and said agenda nmay or may not coincide with the organizers' original vision.

I hate to say it but a lot of the command staffs at CC have earned a rep for being window dressing rather than actual functioning staff in the course of the weekend, and their HQ is surrounded by eternal colonels and other flunkies who might have some sort of original function.

The signals AARs faded into the background because like a car mechanic or a cable guy they are ignored until they are not around and stuff hits the fan. Then someone screams for them. Signals seem to be seen as window-dressing by the afore-mentioned command staffs, because as usual, radios work faster. A case of window-dressers leading the (perceived) window-dressers. Of course if anyone bothered to stick to the original script and did what they were told, then radios would be unnecessary, as was pointed out in the Szabos brawls after Summer of '62.

Post signals AARs on Szabos, the Common Ground, the AC Forum, CCG Forum, Facstasy Forum, and here, with a link to here and an invite on the same page. Point criticism at yourself and review what went right and what went wrong. Hopefully that will cut down on the accusatory "Holier than thou" flame wars, and shows you are willing to do self-introspection.

If you'd like to be taken seriously, talk with Chris Anders. He is respoinsible for a series of smaller, centrally-coordinated reenactments which focus on the history and weed out the circus. Central command, everyone receives the same script so everyone is literally on the same page. It's radical stuff to those who like to play the game of hobby politics, because he offers actual solutions instead of cyber-bitching. He's taken flak for his philosophy. I have participated in several Anders events,; I can see how they work, and I think they are fabulous and worth my time. they may be worth yours.

Just an outsider's observation . . .
Noah Briggs
Original quote to which this post refers:

A kindred question has to be - What has been the benefit of period field communication emulators to the assorted over-all field commanders? Most over-all field commanders do not post here. Have they nothing of value to say about signal detachments or parties that have or may presently be operating within their organizations? Is that restricted knowledge too? One more question and I'll step down from my soap box. For the collective future, can we grow if we don't know?

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