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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 10/27/2007 12:18:34 EDT
Subject: Cedar Creek 2007 A Reply Concern'g an After-Action Summation of

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Hi Pete,

I (and perhaps a few more signal associates too) have taken the liberty of waiting until to-day that others could post incidental to your, "... Winchester Star's story on the Cedar Creek re-enactment...", in the hopes that 'any' of the event attendees might be, "... telling us about it."

The only intelligence concerning Cedar Creek 2007 received at these head-quarters is that of an infantry officer currently detached with a Federal quarter-masters command who informed us, in quite a a vexing manner, that while he noted seeing four distinct signal parties across the field over the weekend, he could observe not even one signal flag waving from within his own ranks.

While it is fitting and proper that only event CSO's or their seconds ought to publish official after-action-reports, we are not aware that 'others' in attendance have been 'officially' restricted from contributing un-official comments of event-related signal and/or telegraphic activities.

If period emulated signal activities (especially but not exclusively for larger re-created operations) are, in any way, to be beneficial and useful for improving event-worthy communication, e.g. signal and/or telegraphic service at re-creations of historical events, then the posting of event after-action-reports, or at least some sort of un-official summation would be the order of the day - here at the Signal Corps Association Re-enactors' Division forum.

Why the exclusivity when we should be wanting to get the written script PERIOD-CORRECT, on-the-money and consistent from event-to-event?

Withholding engagement information in the 1860's was expected. Keeping the same kind of information close-to-the-vest when, historically, we ALL ought to know what happened and how, employing period styled communication, the success of any given event could be helped along - as in BEING FAITHFUL TO A WRITTEN STAGE SCRIPT- is beyond me.

In the past and beyond this forum, we have been informed that event after-action-reports are indeed 'faithfully' filed with the headships of various re-enacting organization, yet it remains a military secret to post such here. Why?

What actually happened at Cedar Creek (or, for that matter, many other events in any given year), is still a mystery! The question is: How do we go about reaching deep into the various AAG black holes to find out what the true value of field communication have been to such organizations? Currently, like the AAR's themselves, knowing what event stage directing occurred is still quite a mystery.

Will it remain such in the future?

A kindred question has to be - What has been the benefit of period field communication emulators to the assorted over-all field commanders? Most over-all field commanders do not post here. Have they nothing of value to say about signal detachments or parties that have or may presently be operating within their organizations? Is that restricted knowledge too? One more question and I'll step down from my soap box. For the collective future, can we grow if we don't know?

Signalling for Attention!

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