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Posted By: John Schultz on: 06/03/2003 10:35:30 EDT
Subject: RE: Signal Regulations Were Bendable

Message Detail:

Just wanted to show what "Cookie Cutter" looks like!

Walt - your points are so valid and made with great simplicity I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your efforts!

I'm starting to figure out that most people who WANT to do Signal Corps immpressions are individualists anyhow. I also think, however, that we're looking in places like THIS to provide some form of 'unity' and 'uniformity' to what we do. Our unique band of intrepid individualists is quite a good thing! THIS forum provides us a unique way to share ideas, learn, study, and become better AT our impressions.

I've been ostricized from my Infantry Company (Pictured above). I'm (obviously) branded as an "Individualist", "Non-Conformist" and a few other names I dont care to mention here becuase I want to pursue Signal Corps duties.

But I must bring out a point Walt makes in a good light. The fact that our superiors dont (1) understand or (2) mostly don't care what we do is a GOOD THING in some respects.

By trade, I'm in the Computer field and have been for YEARS! That means that quite often my supervisors dont understand what I do and only CARE if something I have designed doesn't work.

Being mis-understood is good becuase that gives us a certain freedom to BE individualists in what we portrey.

Not CARING is sometimes even better! So long as we do our jobs diligently ON THE FIELD things are 'good'. I'd rather have a Brigade Commander off my back with respects to the seemingly "pickey-oon" type of things like trying to correctly portrey a type of individual for which there is no FIRM documentation on anything that is considered standard in their 'book'. "THEY" (whoever "they" are) just know that their Signal Corps guys are 'different' and simply accept it so long as we do things RIGHT on the field.

I've ALWAYS been somebody that would rather PERFORM CORRECTLY than LOOK "CORRECTLY"! It's always worked for me in everything I've done.

I cannot concur with Walt STRONGLY enough that you need to make your desires known up front regarding uniforms, etc.... GOING IN - let them know what you'll be wearing. Possibly even present a point paper with supporting documentation as to the lack of uniformity within the Signal Corps and your intent to carry that into your impression.

Of corse, that will do one of two things.
1. Make them 'weary' of you and question your every action and move becuase you're not from their 'mold'.(in which case you need to find another organization)
2. Give you (and your group) the freedom to portrey the character type that we are as correctly as possible by encouraging diversity within guidelines.

Given my experience with managers and their lack of understanding of what I do coupled with their lack of caring so long as my JOB is done correctly - I think the later statement (#2) above will be the case.

In any case - THANKS to the people that post on this board. Y'all are great! Thanks for letting me contribute!

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