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Posted By: John Schultz on: 06/03/2003 09:22:47 EDT
Subject: RE: Anybody going to Richmond this weekend?

Message Detail:

RE: Meadow Farm

I've been told that the event there has been shrinking in previous years. Also - it's a GOVERNMENT web-site (LOCAL gov't at that) which means that somebody sat down one day about 5 years ago and drafted something and then emailed it to a web-designer. Nobody proofed it and nobody changes/updates the page - ever. (Just a wild guess - but probably not too far off!)

NOW FOR THE REST!!!! (hehehehehehe)

Since I'm "in" Period Communications now - I NEVER refer to the "CIVIL WAR" as "CW". Becuase to ME (and MOST other Communicators) the letters "CW"


mean "Continuous Wave" (or Morse). OK - a silly technicality but I caught myself thinking that one day when writing an email.

And as for some "Fantasy" insignia. Maybe we could get a MODIFIED KEPI (or Bummer)!

Here's my idea:
I want a light grey kepi (or maybe bummer) with four appendages coming from the top and sides.

Coming from the sides would be holders for two tin cups. Both cups would be filled with "Ale" and have Vulcanized Rubber tubes coming to the mouth.

The other two appendages would come from the top and be small signal flags on one foot high crossed poles that waved in the breeze!

AND if we really wanted to get technical we could design a hidden computer interface that translated our thoughts into flag waving. Of corse there would be sensors that looked at the background and waved the appropriate flag.

NOW the FEDERALS would get nothing so grandiose! (darn yankee invaders!) They get a Bummer filled with LEAD - possibly irriadated uranium lead............ That would make them GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!

I chose the picture of the kids up there to say that "Sometimes" we're all just a bunch of kids and although we're doing something we consider "serious" - let's NEVER forget that it is FUN that we're having! (I know I am anyhow!)

SERIOUSLY THO: Walt - Maybe you should have asked that Corporal if he was reenacting NAVY. (Navy wears their devices above their stripes - at least back 100 years or so).

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