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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 05/31/2003 12:42:02 EDT
Subject: Joint Taper'g & Brass Ferrules, When Ordering

Message Detail:

As you were intending to use commercially available stock and then sanding each pole to the correct thickness, may I suggest going at it with a small spoke shave first and then applying the sandpaper? You may find this process a little less time consuming. My only other suggestion would be for others who may be reading this too is to not cut too deeply at first. After you've made a number of gingerly passes on the two-handled draw knife, you'll be able to get a feel for the pressure, sharpness of your blade and the ammont of shavings you are producing.

Check out the numerous marinas, nautical concerns and boat yards in your area for the following:

brass tubing
six inches in length
three-quarters wide outside diaameter with a one-sixteenth inch thick wall.

This will securely support the third and forth (top) sections of an early war four joint or regulation kit. The some later issues had but three sections of joint and were generally known as the service kit

Another joining ferrule between the second and third sections can be had with a brass fitting of the same dimensions but having an over-all width of seven-eights of an inch.

The two pieces of different diameter brass placed end to end will not fit into one another. However, should you wish to cut off a small ring of the larger of the two (say an eight of an inch long) and heat it well, it might expand enough to then slip snugly onto the smaller diameter ferrule thus creating a reinforcing ring. Remember to quench the work in cold water to have the larger ring seize upon the smaller one.

One more suggestion...don't settle for copper tubing as it is too soft for the rigourous service you will be requiring of it. You'll be wasting your money of become known as the slowest most gingerly swinging flagman in the re-enacting community.

Hope this helps.

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