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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 05/23/2003 03:15:20 EDT
Subject: Sounder Armature Arm ~ De Clicker

Message Detail:

As it may be sometime before John can obtain another key and sounder may I suggest that he un-screw his sounder Aluminum arm and have a local machinist look into reproducing it in brass? He can put the Aluminum one aside in a box as original equipment.

John, you might want to look into obtaining a relay with an ohms rating of about 140-150 if possible. They seem to be going pretty reasonably up at E-bay by searching for words like telegraph relay. You'll want to find one with stand-up connectors with knurelled screw heads. These are also called binding posts and are where you connect the wires. If you can't pass up a great deal on one with screw-downs flush with the wood and metal base, take it along to the machine shop too and ask for the high post connections to be made up. You can also use what equipment you have by tying your KOB (key on board) as a loop into the local terminals. You'll need another local power supply battery but it will run on a six volt dry cell.

K.J. is correct about the little changed style of many instruments but the straight key that we see most often at re-enactments is not correct either. The good news is that it can be modified by removing the anvil (bar with the hand knob on one end) and supplimenting it with one of a camel back design. John might want to visit Tom Perera's telegraph museum pages and look for the drawing Tom has at his site showing a grid illustration of a Phelp's sending key. If you do all of these modifications at the same time the machinist may cut you a deal.

Much Success,

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