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Posted By: Rich Dees on: 05/20/2003 18:46:54 EDT
Subject: RE: How

Message Detail:
Walt, your soap box is most welcome and quite frankly is good at least for me the FLNG (funny lookiní new guy) to this reflector. So here I go on my mini soap box, or is it the hardtack box? I donít subscribe to the Camp Chase Gazette. I can only guess that the reporter of the Gazette failed to understand the dynamics of those of us in this hobby trying to accurately recreate and deploy communications systems as they existed in 1861. Quite frankly, the reporterís criticism doesnít mean a whole lot considering itís obvious he is not an authority, but it might serve as a wake-up call to get our groups more educated. Speaking for myself, I am doing what I think is necessary to make certain that my persona portrayal and equipment are an accurate representation of the era being re-enacted. That, as you know, takes a great deal of research, attention to detail, and resources...especially resources. As far as responding to the Gazette, why bother. Iíll be willing to bet that the reporters as well as several people from his organization are reading this reflector with interest. That said, Daveís comments seem to apply to our group. As it turns out, our commanders donít know how and when to use comm. They never had any until me and my partner showed up a couple of years ago. And we didnít know what to do either. Therefore, it falls to people like us to help them learn. If you are like me trying to come up to speed as well as educate, the effort is even more challenging. For us, our participation in large scale events is so small, that that there is little opportunity to show our stuff. And yes, it is more interesting to many spectators to hear the rifles fire, watch people flop on the ground, see our mortars lob a projectile into a lake, and hear our three cannons fire a volley. Well, at least itís loud. So, weíll continue to educate, participate, and demonstrate. Iíll be taking some of the suggestions noted in this reflector to our next meeting. This reflector is very helpful. I shall continue to watch and learn. Semper floppus? Neat call!
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