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Posted By: Dave Gaddy on: 05/20/2003 09:40:29 EDT
Subject: RE: How

Message Detail:
Good questions, Walt, and a stimulus. But we need to get beyond omphaloskepsis and encourage a piece for the Gazette, either re-butting or, better still, using those claims or findings you cite as the basis for demonstrating that the potential for use of contemporary battlefield comms isn't being effectively used today any better than it was early in the war. Then give examples. What you've shown is that ignorance results in sins of omission, that ignorance or lack of imagination (or being overlooked) leads to apathy, and that the easy(-ier) way out, or perhaps the most fun, is by joining the ranks and popping caps.
Your point about willingness to "go it alone" or in smaller teams, to man isolated stations, is authentic, as is your point about the difference between signals and infantry on that score. In fact, this is what appealed to many--getting away from the mob, gaining relative freedom of movement, loosening the ties with NCOs and officers. Similarly, your point about being cut in on the planning or the scenario. That might suggest the need for an intermediary station (isolated) to ensure 24 hour ability for Cdr to reach Subcdr almost as readily as with phony modern means. (How many have or can simulate torch comms?) I'd like to hope that an educated(-able) Cdr could be persuaded to try out old ways. It makes no sense to insist on accuracy in some respects and ignore it in others.

Semper floppus!

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  • RE: How - Rich Dees 05/20/2003 18:46:54 EDT (1)

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