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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 05/17/2003 09:25:00 EDT
Subject: Searching for Answers? Where? What? Who Said That?

Message Detail:

Heavy Post'g. It reminds me of the gent I passed on the boardwalk aat an Atlantic seaside resort who sported the words "Over the Hill" on the front of his tee shirt. After he passed by I turned about to read the words "Hill? What Hill? Where?" Needless to say I instantly wanted one of those tee shirts.

I couldn't agree with you more. Wayne Bean and Clarence Woodcock have indeed blessed us with a great little communication forum, ala 1860's. I was just thinking this morning about how much more capability and promise it holds for the scholar and living historian than is being utilized.

Personally, I enjoy seeing our re-enacting division emulators post event schedules and inquiries and alerts about various forms of insignia, flag pole construction and uniform patterns. I ever hope that they will also take more to telegraphic studies and those of aeronautics and cryptography. Like you've pointed out Dave, our site visitors can find these and similar posting by entering the key words into the "Message Search" area at the bottom of this page.

Speaking of searching, and especially where it concerns re-enactment "events", the one area of interest which has me befuddled is along the lines of intra-cooperation amongst the various re-created signal detachments. In many instances, we still have our somewhat appointed CSO's who are not pushing to get themselves, or a designated representative (living in or nearby the area of operations), into the inner circle of the up-coming event planning committees. Some CSO's seldom if ever ask for other associates, living closer to the anticipated event site, to stand-in as their second during walk-throughs to obtain as much 'pre-event' information as is available.
Without vital preliminary data, signal units arrive on the field without a clew as to what the scenarios are suppose to be or who they are to be interacting with, i.e. other signal detachments serving with which field commanders on both sides of the field.

We have lots our emulating arm can work on prior to any given event (not to mention standardization of codes and methods~ shutter! shutter! studder?), but I think finding out what the event organizers want (and don't know how to get it) should be one of our re-enactors' divison's top priorities.

I'd be interested to know what you all think. There's no call to relate to specific events or mention names. If you notice, I haven't either. I'm hoping we can open a discussion as to what can be improved so as to even (in more than a few cases) just to get our CSO's listed in the published Adjt's staff announcement would be an improvement.

Re-enactors.... Your Turn. Wanna begin a new thread?

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