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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 05/11/2003 09:18:39 EDT
Subject: 3 Ans to Yr 2 Qusts

Message Detail:

Your points are well rec'd. Please allow me answer them a bit out of order.

(2) Are you considering the added weight of flying torch as a factor (in setting aside the lower/larger
section for later)?
A. I may not have stated the order of taper very well in my last but I'd suggest the following~~~~ for the regulation kit, I'd dispense with the bottom or first joint and offer that joint as an add-on option or special order item. The torch was to have been attached to the third joint in the regulation kit (see: Brown page 116 under "The Kit-case contained - 1st...."

Subsequentally, the torch would have been fix'd upon the second or middle joint in a three section service kit compliment. (I'd like to know if the bottom of the first joint in a service kit was capped over, or made with a receiving sleeve as the second joint of a regulation section may have been.)

(1) I'd be inclined to be patient a while longer, to see if we can locate original(s), before cranking up production line.
A. I'm inclined to go along with your thinking except that re-enacting of the conflict can't wait for us to get it right. The 5th NY Inf. developed not-so baggy pantaloons and later changed as their research showed much vuluminous pant legs.

My true thought would be to go with what we know already to be (the physical dimensions of each of the sections) and then retrofit later down the road. To explain this further I'd say make the taper'd hickory or ash poles to known specifications and then change the brass ferrules at a later time should we find that the orignals differed from what we have develop. That way we'd still have the poles and only have to change the fittings. The alternative would be to continue using cut saplings and save our monies until we know for sure how the sections were joined to one another. Not a bad idea either.

I suspect that we have the potential of uncovering an entire study devoted to brass ferrules and have to follow Les Jensen approach to depot uniform jackets by naming our ferrules type 'two' or Condict grade '63' or something of the sort. Trouble is I don't think we'll find many sets that can actually be documented to the War period but I hope I'm big-time wrong on this claim.

What do other cyber viewers think we should do? You're welcome to join in (even if you are not a re-enactor), we look forward to reading your input here on the forum.


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