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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 05/09/2003 13:15:07 EDT
Subject: RE-ENACT'G the Most for the Least, Our Life-long Ambition

Message Detail:

In switching from the research angle signal pole construction to the living history side of let's get these things made and into the field, I will agree with the flavour of your 'how much' question.

We re-enactors spend (or lose) a lot of money taking off work and travelling to events. And, as you know, this is just for starters and doesn't cover splurges at sutler's row.

Now.... down to business. Should I (or you or some other daring soul) actually invest money (which, incidentally I don't have yet) into making what we hope will be close to orignial design (although this sounds silly since we have no originals to go on), the up front costs would be:

1. hickory/ash dowelling or square stock procurement
2. some one to turn four foot sections on a lathe down to at least 1/2 inch at the uppermost tip.
3. source for the various dia. of brass tubing (boat repair shop?)

Then we get an estimate of cost per 50 or 100 sets. Unless there is a cry for something different I will suggest later-war service kit sets of three joints each as the package deal and have the forth (thickest) joint as an optional buy.

Once I get a ball-park estimate from the three suppliers listed above I would then see if we might set up a subscription/pledge plan to cover the cost of manufacturing the sets prior to going into production. That way no one loses money on failed promises.

We may be looking at $100. or more per set, but this may not include shipping and insurance, if desired. How does this sound to you? Are we thinking saplings yet? :)

Unless we have someone amongst our ranks as capable as SCA Associate Dave Harbin of Michigan who'd be willing to throw in their time and expertise, we'll probably have to go commercial route and pay more.

Tnx to Dave Gaddy and Eric Reeder. This is a good thread...lets keep it going. If anyone else knows something to cut costs (before our investment) now is the time to chime in. Money is a scarce commodity un the re-enacting community and we'd like to use it wisely when possible.

Best Regards,
Walt 5-5-5

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