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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 05/08/2003 23:22:02 EDT
Subject: ala Rings, Bands & Notches?

Message Detail:
Mark Hageman's forum post of 10/23/2002 17:40:20 MDT entitled: "On the Research Front ~ Signal Pole Brass Joints/Ferrules, Federal" is indeed an interesting visual representation of what may have served as specialized 'head-quarters issue' equipment in Washington, D.C. (not out in the field) and we are blessed to have the late-war image enlargement obtained by SCA staff photographer Johnell Umberger.

As to the rings I can quote from Brown again who quotes from Myer. On page 121 paragraph you will find the following line:

"The joints and bands of the staff must be scoured and tightened if loose, or carefully fitted again if any shifting or springing has been noticed."

Could a reinforcement ring also be called a band, as in a slightly larger band of like-metal (in this case brass) be heated (thus expanding the size of the band) and placed just onto the top edge of the ferrule so as to have it clinch or seize upon to joint fastener as it is then rapidly cooled?

The reason for having the band would have been to keep the top edge of the ferrule from splitting out under the constant weight and bending of the joined poles and waving flag.

Now to answer the reason for notching (and eventually the brass loop swivels), the answer can be found in the fact that the signallist were suppose to have had the middle ties already made into loops so that they could quickly slip them onto the pole tying only the top and bottom tapes. With all of the seizing effort forced upon these two sets of ties, I can see no other way (other than notching the staff) of ensuring that the flag wouldn't ride up or down the shaft. I guess the next logical question is, when it came time to reorder sets of poles did the requistion also call for the notching of poles at the two, four, and six foot marks on the joints? This we don't know yet.

One last thing.... I have brass rings on a set of three foot long joints. War-time joints were known to be four foot in length. Rings appear to have been post-war and should not be considered for repro options.

Hope this all helps,


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