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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 05/06/2003 09:59:22 EDT
Subject: Who Wants Repro Flag Pole Joints?

Message Detail:

I've been looking into the possibility of having US version jointed signal flag pole sections reproduced and wanted to get a feel for whether the market would carry such an endeavour.

The challenge lies with the fact that since we are a relatively small group of re-enacting participants (as compared to the three main branches) I didn't know if 'making-do' with closet poles would continue to be acceptable for most who currently wield them. If you've ever operated with correct dimension'd poles before you'll know what I'm speaking of. The balance of flag and pole working to-gether is truely indescribeable.

My thought is to offer hickory and ash poles (the latter for general late war usage) in three and four section sets. My challenge is that I have to purchase the round stock, have it turned to the proper thickness (hickory is a hard wood to turn) and have brass ferrules turned seperately. As to the ferrules, known in modern turms as the brass connectors, we know not as to how these were manufactured. In other words, we know of no extant set of poles which can actually be documented to the war. For a photographic glimpse on this subject see Mark Hageman's forum post:

10/23/2002 17:40:20 MDT entitled:
"On the Research Front ~ Signal Pole Brass Joints/Ferrules, Federal".

If we make the bayonet type, similar to fishing pole friction joints, the cost will be minimal. If we go with the ones which appear to be treaded or screw-in as appears to be the case in Mr. Hagman's image of Central Station, DC, joints, the cost would increase. Both styles should come with the addition of an outer brass reinfocement ring at the upper most part of the ferrule to to help reduce the need for shimming.

I'd like to hear back for many of you on whether you think such a project will fly. Do you think subscriptions are the way to go in order to get this project off and running? Or, as a wood-be effort, am I barking up the wrong tree ;) ?

Your comments are earnestly sought by one who wishes to remain, very respectfully, as your most obedient servant,

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