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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 05/01/2003 11:21:29 EDT
Subject: Last Wartime Signal Hd. Qtrs. Washn. City, Source For

Message Detail:

The 1816 F Street late war US Army signal head-quarters image on file in Signal Corps Association's archive was provided by SCA Texas Representative, Stephen H. Siemsen. In a cover letter to SIGNAL CIPHER Editrix Lisa Ann Cristofich dated May 12, 1995 Stephen asks that this image, along with others, be considered for inclusion to the CIPHER. As he relates, it was discovered on a roll of microfilm (ID not provided) during a visit to the Library of Congress in Washington City. Stephen adds that the photographer may have been George N. Barnard.

Another equally interesting image in Representative Siemsen's packet is a view of what appear to be the same signallists shown standing on the second floor side porch of the 1816 F Street office. Since the figures are closer to the camera, it might be easier to identify a few more of the members in this group. You are probably aware of this view too are you not?

As an aside, these images may have also been researched as part of Stephen's efforts for his 1990 MILITARY IMAGES article, ""The Aerial Telegraph: A Brief History of the Signal Corps in the Civil War Era".

We do need a bit more imformation on the image source however. I think I remember seeing this same view, and the one showing the post-war lower'd street grading, at the National Archives. In fact, I'm embarrassed to say it but I'm all but certain that we have the very same photographic material, albeit yet to be catalogued here at the SCA Archive. The good news is that two rubber stamps were made just the other day with fill-in spaces for R.G. (record group), box, entry, etc. This will enable us to identify the source, seperate and classify (re-file according to subject topic) some of our bundles of images and textual photocopies obtained from from the various archives of signal or telegraph holdings.

Too many volunteers and not enough full time staffers if you ask me ;) But hey.... we're slowly getting there.

PS Might there be an associate out there in Cyberspace willing to capture and cross reference the OR's pertaining to signal operations by location, engagement, state, names, topic content, etc.? What about telegraph service such as associate Chesson has begun entitled: "Teenage Connections: Young Brass Pounders" (see the SIGNAL CIPHER, Jan.- Feb. 2003)? (30)

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