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Posted By: Wayne Bean on: 04/16/2003 14:19:11 CDT
Subject: RE: Another BREATHER perhaps?

Message Detail:

Things have been slow all over. Don't feel bad. Just rest, because the next rush of activity will burn you out - and it will happen.

It makes you wonder about everything from the firmly stated and, sometimes, hilarious, assertions of astologers and "intuitive councellors" to the esoteric "gut hunches" of professionals in respectable positions.

I spent my last year in the Navy as a night security supervisor for nine barracks full of sailors and Marines. I learned to establish good rapport with the base police as I was totally unarmed - I made fast friends with the police.

On one particularly slow night, for lack of anything better to do, I read my logbook entries from the previous months while refering to a handy "Maine" calendar, typically decorated with almanac data.

The police sergeant came in to while away the time and we fell to talking. I told him that I did not want to look superstitious but that it seemed to me that all of the cases of assault, aggravated assault, drunk-and-disorderlies and a recent rape had all occured at about the time of the full moon.

His eyes bugged out and he yelled, "You hadn't figured that out, yet?!?! You might make a cop, yet - you learned the most important lesson!"

I did not become a cop but every chance I get, I ask people who work in various institutions about this - if there is an occasion for the subject to come up. They all concur.

Who knows what this phenomenon is we get from the "Twilight Zone?" After a while, it gets to be a cyclical ingredient in our intuition, we repress our observations about it altogether and, by a typical human subterfuge, re-name our ability, "maturity, life wisdom or professional intuition."

I still call it "gut hunch." Whatever it is - it exists. Of course, I think like a cultural anthropologist - a critter who is apt to notice and entertain such possibilities. Someday we will convert the Psychology Community. Meanwhile, the re-enactors are catching on.......

Thanks for the mention. You have the backing of the majority of "we humans" who haven't totally converted to vested interest in "pure logic" and laboratory verification and insist on a "magic" ingredient in "life." Fortunately, the internet preserves that element - sometimes, I could swear, it expands it!

Enjoy one phenomenon that seems to breathe in a cyclical way that modern life has not managed to choke. If it so happens that we all subconsciously subscribe to some sudden, unexplained urge to be inspired at the same time - thrill to it. If the moon is a muse in our lives - leave it at that. We have enough well defined, specific, tasks to see to. Yesterday was "tax day" was it not? See what I mean?

Let the magic do its stuff - it is thrilling!

Wayne Bean

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