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Posted By: Jimmy Dee on: 02/25/2007 02:30:35 EST
Subject: RE: Listener input for upcoming show

Message Detail:
For some people the cup is half empty, while others see it as half full. We will find the right contest format and the fairest way possible for internet listeners to participate and you can put that in the bank.

Your comments are appreciated but I have never allowed myself to be negative about possibilities. Perhaps a contest will not work, but it will be only because listeners chose not to participate, not because it can't be done in an effective and fair manner.

Email works very well when one can transmit across the continent and the intended party receives it three seconds later. That isn't going to be a problem. The fairest way to award a prize will be determined by the way the contest is formated, as in what is the real correct answer and the chances in being the first, tenth, then twentieth, etc. email received. Depending on the number of emails received, we may drop down to the first, third, and ninth. Then all those emails received that qualify in order of receipt will be mixed in the hat, so to speak, and the one that is pulled out first will win the prize. As in most contests, it is all a gamble in being one of those emails that will qualify.

The prize will most often be a CD to be mailed to the winner. The most often used contest question will probably be name the artist or year of release, or even what is the correct title of the song.

The winner will be announced during the next episode, and by then their CD will already be on the way to them.

The contest isn't about big winnings, but rather to allow listeners to be inter-active with the program. If we find that few desire to participate, then we will just keep the CDs and enjoy a good listen.

Anyone ready to play?

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