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Posted By: Jay Spell on: 02/19/2007 17:41:31 EST
Subject: new, Exhilirated, Anticipating Subscriber

Message Detail:
Hello Bob!

The path to you isn't quite clear to me, but I am very excited about the ultimate result. I am very guarded about opening unsolicited or unrecognized email. Hence, the first 3 of your e-zines received were unopened. I assumed, in error, they were connected with a less-interesting old-radio-show connection. (Mind you, "OTR" itself is a major interest.

However, opening the most recent e-zine yesterday revealed something eminently welcome and worthy. My most ardent passion in life is rock & roll music, and particularly '50s R&R. And equally, I CAN NOT learn enough about people doing it--performers, producers, writers, engineers/studios/studio owners, labels and other business types--anything and everything. And as you know, good sources for delving and learning are few. (And far-between. Is that clichéd-enough for you?)

So far, I have played your February, '58, program, and the Mary Quintero one. And your quality of presentation, song choices--actually, any area I can think of--first class all. Top drawer, top notch all. Presentation and delivery. I find all your attributions and credits at the end wonderfully refreshing and welcome. You know many folks are either too proud or just don't care about doing that.

I checked , and discovered a true shocker. There was no doubt in my mind I would find a long list of high-profile radio gigs.

Bob, I have been so fortunate to have had a successful sideman (live and recording) music career, on a national level, since 1970. So when you have done something this long, and with this degree of fervor and true love, you develop a most keen sense of "dilettante-ism?" Is that the word--or the spelling? You would never verbalize that to anyone when/if detected, but your gut would still know it. ADDITIONALLY, i have been a radio fan forever. So, I am thoroughly convinced I can say with authority there is not the slightest hint of dilettante-ism in your radio chops. You sound like a guy who has been at the top of the game forever. I would say you sound like a guy who worked what we used to call the MOR's. But I seriously hope no one can feel offended with being put up there right alongside the Wink Martindale's and Gary Owens'. Besides, you, obviously, love this nitty gritty rock and roll music. And either own it on the best reissue CDs, or know where to go to acquire pristine downloads.

So if you can't tell, I am most happy to have found your site; most happy to support; and look forward to much enjoyable and informative time listening and wandering around.

May I inject one small point?

This is probably your 383rd time reading the following.

The Dave "Baby" Cortez cut Mary wanted, "Do The Slop," exists in pristine stereo on the English Ace Cortez disc called "Happy Organs, Wild Guitars and piano shuffles," their CDCHD 386. (I mentioned it being in great stereo as that's something else you, obviously, pay attention to. Go 'head on!) I would encode it and send it along if I had the computer savvy, and if I knew that file size was no problem for you at Hotmail. I can easily have it done if at all desired.

Your Noble Watts substitution was, in my opinion, a "more rockin'" cut, actually. Killer choice, music and subtitle-wise.

So thank you very much for all the great work, Bob, and much looking forward to everything.

--Jay Spell, Santa Clarita CA
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