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Posted By: Bob on: 05/08/2016 06:06:18 EDT
Subject: RE: Countdowns - Tell Me More

Message Detail:
Hello Don,

I'm happy you were able to access the shows. We're in need of upgrades in several areas but we'll improvise on the fly as needed.

Now to your questions.

When you click on the pay pal link, you will receive from me an access code to every show in the archives. You will be able to convert them as you have with the three hours you've heard this weekend.

The year end countdowns from the beginning are usually in two parts and contain the top 40 songs of the year.

The weekly countdowns are for the most part in three hour segments and all 40 songs are in the countdown.

I am the voice on all of them. If you want some background on me. access my page in the DJ section on the website.

Now a little history.....

As we all know, Casey Kasem forever remains the 'Gold Standard' for counting down the US charts. However, he did not start them until July 4, 1970.

That means for the first 15 years of American Rock n Roll Radio, no national countdown show existed on a similar level.

Most of my countdowns are from 1955 to 1970. In addition, I do countdown the weeks that Casey's show covered but from a RETRO viewpoint. He did his in the present. Mine are from a past perspective. We have fun, try to make it entertaining, and historic at the same time.

I use charts from both Cash Box and Billboard. While Billboard is the Gold Standard...Cash Box provided many an interesting take on the same week with some songs showing up in the lower regions that never made Billboard's Top 40. As I understood it....Billboard ranked songs on terms of trendingairplay...and Cash Box prioritized record sales.

Let me know how I can help in any way.

All the best,

Bob Mathers
Ultimate Oldies Radio

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