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Posted By: Bob Mathers on: 01/21/2016 18:23:26 EST
Subject: Site Renovations - Almost Back

Message Detail:
Hi Folks,

Not to worry, UOR is coming back. Please allow me to share the latest.

My webhoster didn't inform me that the previous payment source was not the correct one for monthly billing and guess what? Yep, off line. Then I dealt with a well-intentioned but inexperienced customer service person who gave me wrong info stating that we WERE up to date and that the site would be back. However, when the site didn't come back in 24 hours, I got back to them, discovered the real issue, and paid by another source.
So I expect to be back on any minute.'s more:

We are streaming again 24/7. We went on line around 3 PM EST today with a 128 kbps/100 simultaneous listener channel. We have had to get with Tune In to update our settings and hopefully that will be configured in 24 hours or less. Anyone wanting to listen to the 24/7 station will be able to access it via the UOR Home Page (as soon as it is up) and by Tune In as well as other facilitators as we go.

I will be updating the archives here in the next day or two as well.

All told, with my area expecting 1 to 2 feet of snow starting tomorrow (Friday) this will provide me with a suitable opportunity to make significant headway in these areas.

There's more I'm working on with the site, but that should suffice for now.

I am sorry we are off line. Couldn't blame you for thinking 'Here we go again'. No sir, we're sticking with it and looking forward to taking UOR in a direction of lots of forward progress that we think you will enjoy.


Bob Mathers

PS - Now I know a little of what it may have been like for Jeremiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

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