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Posted By: John on: 01/28/2007 23:13:26 EST
Subject: RE: Show support for this site

Message Detail:
Jimmy, Bob initially wrote all was well again, but it wasn't. Bob has some heavy competition, next door. I'm very thankful that Bob has kept his web station going, but I feel, if he doesn't upgrade it, it may sink. I don't want to see that happen. However, with DJs, they seem to have their own agenda, not wanting any outside help, other than funds to keep them going. However, due to a third party being responsible for this lost URL, I can understand Bob wanting to be in control of everything.

There used to be days where you could phone radio stations, asking what vinyl record a particular song could be found, that they played, and they'd tell you. Not so, these days. Most DJs I come across play MP3s found anywhere they can. I get more information from actual CD and Vinyl collectors, than DJs.

One record company has considered offering high quality Wave files, that exceeds CD sound quality, due to diminishing CD sales. While I'd love to see Bob upgrade to better sound quality, I'd actually like to see him keep things the way they are. It's not many stations I can "play", with my legacy internet connection and software. However, to stay competitive, you must have something unique to offer.

My pride is my oldies CD collection. Maybe, one day, I'll find a DJ that is willing to play what I collect. Currently, my only audience is my older sister. It's my pleasure to let her hear vintage material, as it should be heard, while seeing her excitement, as I experience.

Thanks, Jimmy; thanks, Bob.

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