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Posted By: Jim Liddane on: 02/21/2012 19:02:50 EST
Subject: RE: Dean Martin Question

Message Detail:
John wrote....

It's written, radio refused or hesitated to play this song.

Jim replied....

Heard once that radio was afraid of the theme of the movie, the Mafia links to Dean Martin (the payola scandal was still a sore point for a lot of DJs) - but frankly, I doubt if they were the only reasons.

In rhe six years between 1958 and 1964, Dean Martin failed to make the US Top 60 even once, so it would not be too surprising if DJs and Program Directors were not too pushed about playing music, which to the bulk of the record-buying public in thos years, simply sounded "square".

I remember seeing Dean Martin albums in remainder bins throughout the early sixties, and sad to say, I considered myself too "cool" to pick up a bargain!

Same went for Frank Sinatra - and it took Jimmy Bowen to rescue Dean Martin from virtual recording obscurity by getting him to record with a solid rock rhythm section in 1964 ("Everybody Love's Somebody"), giving him his first Number 1 since 1955.

According to Jimmy, Sinatra was so impressed with that record and what it did for Martin's career, that he got Bowen to produce him also (on "That's Life") and by 1965, both singers were back at the top again.

And Jimmy Bowen of course was no slouch either,- being the guy who partnered Buddy Knox back in 1957, and even had his own solo Top 20 hit with "I'm Sticking With You" that same year.

It takes talent to produce talent.

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