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Posted By: Jim Liddane on: 05/21/2010 17:10:42 EDT
Subject: RE: Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66 - Bim Bom -1967

Message Detail:
Now he is good! Loved his version of "Fool On The Hill" as well.

OK - you have taste. At least, no Leapy Lee this time!

Actually, I was in had humour when I had a go at Leapy. He was not half bad.

And since the song was written by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazelwood - it just had to be a class act.

It must be the heat - I'm not normally cranky.

I liked the Bossanova - s bit before your time I'd say, but for a brief period, everybody tried to cash in - Steve & Eydie, Elvis, the Tokens, even Dave Brubeck.

Still the best one has to be "Desafinado" by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd which more or less launched the sound in the USA. Now that was a sound.

Are you interested in jazz?

If I am in London, I might go to Ronnie Scott's jazz club but to be honest, I really do not understand the music all that much, and I generally join in the applause for each solo when I see somebody else clapping!

I love Dave Brubeck, and Dinah Washington, and Charlie Byrd, but once it stretches beyond that, I get itchy and start thinking that on the whole, I'd rather be listening to Little Richard.

OK - I have no taste.

But there's still time.

I remember in the 50's, a school friend trying to wean me off Bill Haley by playing me Hank Williams and Hank Thompson, and I really thought country music (or Country & Western as we called it) was just corny rubbish.

Shows how little I knew, and anyway, I soon got to like country a lot - so who knows - I might get a taste of jazz yet!

But somehow, I doubt it! Jazz takes a lot of effort.

And as my daughter says when faced with a problem involving any sort of effort - "I just couldn't be bothered".

Must have got that from me.

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