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Posted By: Bob Mathers on: 12/01/2006 13:19:57 EST
Subject: RE: Your Station

Message Detail:
My goodness, I really enjoyed this one. Too much! I split my sides over Ray Ray's comments. Seriously speaking, he is right on with his observations in many ways.

First of all, I probably fall more into the category of 'has been'. Because I spent the better part of 3 decades on air in one place or another, I was never quite a 'wanna-be'.

Yes, I admit it. By today's oldies radio standards, I am 'obsolete'. Mainly, because I choose to be. The way oldies radio is done today is not at all appealing to me personally. Voicetracking, playing the same 300 songs, and removing the human interaction element is just not fun.

I've thought on occasion about going back on commercial oldies radio, but to be honest it's not a very stimulating thought.

I get more interaction from listeners on Ultimate Oldies then I would get on any of today's Major Market oldies stations in the USA. I also get to play a bigger variety of oldies and DISCOVER songs that I (and many listeners) have never heard before. I also have an opportunity to implement the 'old school' techniques of relating to individuals like yourself, an approach that (other than a morning show) sadly no longer exists in today's radio.

As far as ego, well...I'm sure there's some of that involved. It's nice to offer something such as UOR to folks who feel it's worth their time and interest...and there is a certain amount of self-fulfillment to be sure in doing this site. However, the people who participate are more like family than fans. Folks who come here know their oldies and I always learn from them. More importantly, I cherish the friendships.

There is so much more I would like to do with Ultimate Oldies. Like LIVE 24/7 oldies radio with LIVE announcers, more interaction with listeners, AND performers, and oldies concerts, and on and on and on.

Whatever way it ends up, this experience has been and continues to be a lot of fun.

Now Ray Ray, I want you to do something for me.

Email me your top ten favorite oldies of all time. I need everyone to do that ASAP so we can put together a nice year end countdown.



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