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Posted By: John on: 06/01/2009 13:08:50 EDT
Subject: My Ideal Radio Station

Message Detail:
My ideal radio station would play a wide variety of music, starting from around the mid '50's and beyond.
The DJ(s) would tell whhat record/CD/etc. they are playing, with lable, release year, etc.

However, the material would be the best sounding, money can buy, stereo, where available! This would be a difficult task for anyone! You have vinyl, tapes, audio CDs to choose from! Granted, there is some book that does specify "best" sound quality, but it does not cover imports! This is especially important if one plays Soul, as some US artists CD material sounds better, issued in the UK! A good example is "Raindrops", by Dee Clark!

I'm on a constant watch to find reviews of sound quality, however most people just enjoy ranting about the songs and artists. This even includes AMG (All Music Guide). I did catch them once mentioning about sound quality, and Stereo tracks, but they failed at telling me "Keep Searchin'" by Del Shannon, was Mono, but marked Stereo, in error, on that import CD set!!!

To me, there's nothing more exciting than hearing a (slightly) favorite song, in pristine sound! Stereo is so nice to hear! That's why I like a variety of music. Heck, I even write HD Radio stations and tell them there's a better sound version than the one(s) they play(ed)!

This tells me, not very many people even care about sound quality, let alone Stereo! I mean, after all, we listened and loved some of the tunes on a cheap (no cheap then!) 4-6 transistor pocket radio!

So, that is my forte'. I know little about the artists and the songs and who's who. But, rather, I can tell you where the find that pot of gold superior sounding song version!

Am I for hire? Not yet, I still need to find 10,999 songs in pristine sound, then I'll be available, if I'm still alive and can hear!!!! :-)

I now return you to Bob! Um, okay, would you believe Jimmy Dee? :-)


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