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Posted By: Bob Mathers on: 08/12/2008 15:44:30 EDT
Subject: Announcement

Message Detail:
Well folks, I have an announcement to make to you.

I have just signed an agreement to first lease and then purchase WEEL 700 AM and 100.1 FM in Dothan, Alabama.

This blessing came through the Good Lord Jesus Christ through my good friend Jack Gale...who seems to feel I can provide a hands-on sales and programming effort to further establish the fine work he has started and in turn, purchase the operation from him to make it a triumph for him (which we will do) and a station that is truly Dothan's.

Jack is simply one of the all-time legends of Top 40 radio and I look forward to keeping him involved in the ongoing process as well as vindicating his faith in me to make WEEL the best sounding oldies station in the nation.

I'm packing and preparing to be in Dothan on September 2 to begin the next chapter of the long and winding Bob Mathers radio odyssey.

What does this mean for Ultimate Oldies Radio? means an upgrade.

Because of my having moved into a virtual 40 hour a week job as anchor and editor at KOMO 1000 AM Newsradio in Seattle since the beginning of summer, I've not had a lot of time to do much more than produce the countdown and upgrade the other shows on the site periodically.

After moving to Dothan, I'll benefit from the help of my friend and fellow WEEL colleague Big Tom O'Brien...who has the same passion for oldies that I have and really knows his stuff, from engineering to computers to music.

Tom has come up with a way for me to produce Ultimate Oldies shows and deliver them faster than presently is the case.

And in case you were wondering....we WILL have WEEL on-line for you to listen to and hopefully enjoy.

My plan is to put more 70's on there in addition to the weekly show that goes out to the stations...and I plan to grow those affiliates in due time.

We'll keep Ultimate Oldies Radio going, and thanks for your patience with me as I make this transition.

Guess you can tell I have a love affair with the oldies, huh?

Well...I know you do let's move on to more good times with the memories from OUR era.

Thanks much,


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