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Posted By: Lorraine Tillett on: 10/29/2006 14:02:39 EST
Subject: Bobby Darin tribute and Buddy Deane

Message Detail:

Message for Bob Mathers:

Dear Mr. Mathers:

My name is Lorraine Tillett, Director of the “Once in a Lifetime” Bobby Darin 70th birthday celebration held May 11-14 2006 in New York City. A group of Bobby’s friends and devotees traveled from all over the country (and one from England) to pay tribute to Bobby which he so richly deserves.

Highlights of our NYC weekend gala are captured on a wonderful DVD that I would love to share with you. I will be happy to send you a copy. We understand that Bobby appeared on Buddy Deane's show numerous times in Baltimore.

Plans are in the works for a Darin tribute in Las Vegas May 11-14 2007 to coincide with the installation of Bobby’s star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. Because of the success of our New York City event, this group’s effort to sponsor Bobby with his star in Las Vegas is now a reality.

I know your listeners will be thrilled to know about our event and how they can help with the star for Bobby. I would love to send you information and a copy of Bobby's newest DVD/CD "Seeing is Believing". Meanwhile log onto our star website at

Jimmy Scalia, the official Bobby Darin Archivist and Roger Kellaway, Bobby’s musical director, are honorary members of the Darin Lifetime Event 2007. We are truly honored to have these distinguished gentlemen join with us to preserve Bobby’s memory and keep it alive for generations to come.

I know you will agree that such a tribute to honor a man whose courage, talent and amazing body of work inspire us and fill us with joy is long overdue.

As a former member of the Washington DC Channel 7 local DC "Bandstand group" in 1953-54 (Channel 7 dubbed into Phila. Bob Horn, a local Philadelphia DJ who was trying to get a local teen show ging nationally - Dick Clark took over in July 1956 as you know) The DC show was similar to that of the late "Buddy Deane"

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Lorraine E. Tillett, Director
“Once in a Lifetime” Bobby Darin Event 2006
P.S. I'll be happy to speak to you by telephone upon your personal e-mail.

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