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Posted By: Will Spaulding on: 10/18/2006 23:05:50 EDT
Subject: Tony Orlando show

Message Detail:
Hey Bob,

I sure did enjoy listening to the Orlando show today! You know, everybody's heard of "Yellow Ribbon", but other than that he had so many "oh wow" tunes that did fairly well on the charts that you don't hear too much of anymore. And I certainly do remember hearing most of the early and mid-70's stuff he had on the charts, but I really didn't know that he had some early 60's stuff on the charts as well -- until I started listening to the programs on this site several months ago.

That's good to hear that he's doing well down and still performing down in Branson, MO. You know, there's so many artists that really do like performing there, because they don't have to face the possible drudgery of touring constantly from city to city and living out of a suitcase, to make a living and to promote an album. And you said that Tony plays about 200 dates per year there. Some performers that have, or are still performing down in Branson include Glenn Campbell, Roy Clark, Andy Williams, the Osmonds, and others. I've never been down there to see a show, but I'd love to sometime. I did get a chance to see Orlando here in Boise about 10 years ago and really enjoyed the show! Isn't Geraldo Rivera Tony's brother?

By the way Bob, you don't need to send me a copy of my "oh wows" show on CD, because I figured out how to do it my self -- but thanks anyway. All you have to do is search all files and folders on the internet, and then when you find a certain file from your program -- such as orlando.rm, then just right-click on that file. And from there you have the option to open the file, play in Real Player (which is my default player), add to Real Player now playing list, or Burn CD in Real Player, and you have other options. But once you click on Burn CD -- then it's pretty easy to do from there -- and like I said I like to burn copies for my friends and family. I'm sure you probably wouldn't object to the listening audience burning programs from your shows -- just as long as they don't go out and sell the shows and make lots of money!!!



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