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Posted By: Bob on: 03/13/2008 18:26:03 EDT
Subject: April Drive To Cover Expenses

Message Detail:
Hi Everyone,

I'm asking for some help here at the site in an effort to cover a few costs that have piled up a bit since late last year.

A few of you have sensed the need already and have sent something in. I can't thank you enough.

The music licensing, hosting and streaming supplies and software that allows us to put all this together have mounted on our 'line of credit' and I would like to pay it off.

Usually we have a month-long fund raiser in August. Well...I'm asking folks to consider chipping in a few bucks between now and the end of April.

You can donate on paypal (click on the link on the left hand side above the brown buttons) or send a check made payable to

Ultimate Oldies Radio
12003 85th Avenue South
Seattle, Washington 98178

My long-range plan to cover expenses is to get the countdown show on enough stations to sell some ad sponsors and pay expenses that way. We have four outlets carrying the countdown each week. We have a few who are considering but it's slow going. We need more stations.

Clearing the stations is taking longer than expected. We are writing, calling and proposing. We'll keep at it. Traditional terrestrial radio is generally going through a lot of changes these days, but it is a resilient medium that I truly hope returns to its bearings and does what it does best - entertains and informs the local community which it serves.

I'm glad sites like Ultimate Oldies Radio are possible to provide us with the 50's, 60's and 70's music and memories that have remained as magical today as the time we first heard these songs.

Seems as though we have something special here. Each person who posts, writes, calls or visits...even if YOU'VE never communicated with considered a valued friend and I just wanted to say that.

I've come to the conclusion that whether or not this site ever becomes a moneymaker really doesn't matter to me because I like doing the shows, playing the music, and having all of you be a part of it.

Thanks for doing what you can...and if you can't kick in anything, that's okay. Just taking your time to come here means a lot. And if you have ever thought of volunteering your time or services to help advance Ultimate Oldies Radio...I'd be all too glad to listen.



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