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Posted By: Mike Cusimano on: 12/20/2007 11:01:03 EST
Subject: Ken Merson 1975

Message Detail:
Hi Bob,

Thank you SO much for allowing me to re-live a time of my youth I thought had long ago vanished into the ether! I remember Labor Day weekend and the WCBM Favorite 300 with great fondness. Being just short of 12 years old at the time, I was certain that this countdown had the authority of God behind it! I was transfixed for the entire weekend, holding my Zenith portable AM radio close to my ear, taking in each song. By the way, was Classical Gas the TV-11 news theme by then? It sure rated higher(#(9!!) in the countdown than I remembered.

I grew up and still live in Baltimore and have been fascinated by AM radio since about 1973. FM didn't come into the picture till later and it seemed sort of weird at the time. I loved it all---music (wcao, wcbm), talk in the evenings/night (Herb Jepko's "Nightcaps", Alan Christian), sports (Charlie Eckman was a scream-he loved to announce my sir-name in the race results- Cusimano-a sucessful jockey back then) , OTR when they played it. I loved twisting the dial at night in search of far off stations. Everything about that little battery operated box was magical!!!!

I recall enjoying you on WITH in the 90's. That station was an oasis of pleasure in what was the last gasp of popular music on Baltimore AM.(not to exclude your later efforts in Aberdeen- but the signal didn't reach) I would love to hear more of the Favorite 300 if it is available, and anything else from 1970'2 Baltimore AM radio. The jingles and commercials are the best parts to me. It seems that a lot of large market material is available, but not much from our beloved Bawlmer. What I would love to hear one more time is the voice of Galen Fromme or Jack Lacey, or a Cloverland ad, and so on.

Thank you for allowing me to reminisce and enjoy 46 minutes of my youth! I know you must be very busy but if you could share any more of this magic, I would be truly grateful!!

A Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Mike Cusimano

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