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Posted By: Jeff on: 12/19/2007 19:10:16 EST
Subject: Danny Boy

Message Detail:
I'm listening to the Dan Fogelberg tribute as I write this. Although his string of Top 40 hits extended well into the first part of the music video era, the absolute peak of his career fits neatly into the period that I long ago referred to as "The Lull" but after a lot of thought have decided it's more accurate to call it the Post-Disco Pause (the 1-1/2 year breather span between the end of 1979 and August 1981 when MTV debuted; in fact, the first half of '82 still contained a lot of leftover soft rock/pop). Though I really had no special interest in Dan, when "Longer" went Top 10 I tried to get my elevator music-oriented folks interested in him and I remember telling them, you're gonna be hearing a lot more about this guy. They never bit, and a couple years later my dad confidently told me he was sure big band was coming back. But then, his musical history had pretty much stopped at 1955. But I digress....

You know I actually liked "Same Old Lang Syne" back then? What an idiot. The melody is monotonous and the main part of it is too long anyway. But if there's anything really worth saving, it's the final minute where she kisses him goodbye and goes her way and the whole thing slows down to a saddened crawl all the way to the very end of the sax solo. Combine that with the lyrics at that point: "Just for a moment I was back in school / And felt that old familiar pain / And as I turned to make my way back home / The snow turned into rain"....Kind of MacArthur Park-ish, isn't it?


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