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Posted By: Bob Mathers on: 12/18/2007 09:00:49 EST
Subject: RE: Remembering Ike Turner

Message Detail:

I agree with your statement...with one caveat

Jesus WOULD on occasion speak to people in unflattering terms, did He not? And when were those times? When religious leaders sought to change His truth into a lie.

He tossed the moneychangers out of the temple because He felt anger at the disrespect shown to Him by those who were in charge of it. The religious leaders.

When Jesus confronted the Pharisees, He referred to them as a brood of vipers and other unflattering terms.

Look back at every thread on this post that has to do with debating religion and politics (and they are always intertwined).

In every one of those cases...someone came on and initiated a debate because the initial poster made a reference in some way shape or form to honoring God...and obviously such statements made that person feel uncomfortable to the point of wanting to counter it.

Personally, I would rather not debate with anyone...but when comments are posted that clearly seek to minimize God and His relevance...I do and will continue to counter those statements.

There's a trend that's increased over the last 40 plus years.

Taking the reading of the bible out of schools and allowing professors and teachers to offer false, prejudiced, and one-sided dialogue belittling and denying God.

That's the better part of two generations who have been 're-trained' into believing this brainwashing, and it has proceeded unchecked because many Christians have been too afraid to speak up.

In recent decades, those who do offer a voice are branded as 'intolerant', 'theocrats', even 'dangerous fanatics'.

The reason unbelievers do not want to hear about God and His dogmatic because it makes them uncomfortable.

After all, what if there IS accountability, hell, and eternal separation for the man who dies not believing?

The bible says there is.

It is ironic indeed that much of bible prophecy has been fulfilled...and yet 'intelligent' men refer to the bible as a myth...while concurrently proclaiming that evolution is real...although that belief is still referred to as a 'theory'.

I didn't build this site to preach the Word of God. After all, it is oldies but goodies we're talking about here. one whom Jesus has blessed...I would rather be slammed and ridiculed by man than have to stand before Him when I die and hear Him ask me why I didn't speak up.

Mt first wife e-mailed me recently and told me that a little lady she shared Jesus with died around Thanksgiving. She said when she talked to her back in the Spring, her elderly friend did not accept Jesus. I told her she did a good thing and that the lady had every opportunity to make that decision before she passed.

I also told her that she can expect to see that lady in Heaven, because of her faithfulness in sharing the Gospel. Jesus says in the book of Isaiah that His word does not return back to Him void.

The ultimate definition of love and respect to a person IS to tell them about Jesus and their need to have sins forgiven through His sacrifice on the cross. To do anything less is the height of disrespect and uncaring.

Jesus did love, respect, and didn't play favorites, that's true. But, He wasn't afraid to speak the truth...and those that claim to follow Him shouldn't be either.

Thanks for writing and Merry Christmas Jerry.


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