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Posted By: Bob Mathers on: 12/17/2007 19:56:14 EST
Subject: RE: Remembering Ike Turner

Message Detail:

War has existed since Cain slew Abel.

I read and hear comments like this so much these days. Seems there's a growing trend in America among people who are easily irritated with any one who speaks up for God, Jesus, or states personal convictions based on the bible.

Now as far as what I would say or not say on the air...if I were hosting a talk show, I most certainly would say these things. However as an oldies host, the arena is different and I'm sure you realize that.

Many of these same folks say the two things they don't want to hear about are 'religion and politics'...and yet that's EXACTLY what they do every time they bring up the subject. They condemn conservatives (politics) and Christians (religion).

As I've said before...people in this country don't know who their real enemies are. People are so eager to attack Christians for speaking out for Jesus...and at the same time...are perfectly okay with giving a 'pass' to a repeatedly stated agenda from Muslim nations and supporters (many who are already in this country) who vow to make the streets of America run red with the blood of any citizen who won't convert to their religion.

Explain this to me, John. I have yet to see from you or others with your viewpoint who come on here and consistently argue about a simple God Bless You one comment against the Islamic fanatics who applauded when 3,000 of our people died on 9/11 - and are doing everything they can to see that it happens again.

It is not that Christians advocate or even support war...but war has been used by God to provide victory for and/or to humble nations...usually centering around His chosen people, the Jews. The only thing necessary for evil to for 'good' morally minded people to do nothing.

That's why war IS sometimes necessary.

No Christian wants to arbitarily kill another person...but God gave the death penalty as a deterrent to maintain order in a civilized society.

However, we live in a country whereby respect for life has diminished across every sector. Many government leaders, the schools and the courts are passionate in their desire to remove any mention of God or Jesus...and His standards of the sanctity of it is no surprise why many people are confused about what is right and wrong. The death penalty is an excellent example of that confusion.

By the way John...I find that a lot of folks who are anti-death penalty are in many cases pro-abortion. In other words...spare the guilty killers and kill the innocent babies.

And that anything BUT civilized. It's actually quite barbaric.

Now, one more observation on the anti-death penalty viewpoint. The soul that commits murder can be forgiven and go to heaven, according to God. Yet strangely enough, it's common for people who are anti-death penalty want to see a murderer spared execution...but then turn right around and say the murderer has no chance of forgiveness.

Do you see how twisted that logic is?

When you say anyone who supports war is not a man of God...then you have to reconcile all of the wars mentioned in the very word of God itself...and WHY those wars were allowed to happen.

You see is precisely this kind of thinking regarding war and the death penalty that lulls deteriorating nations like the U-S into a 'if we leave them alone, they won't bother us' and/or a 'who are we to take the life of another' philosophy.

You know why people have shifted away from God's ways and standards? Because...they do not want to be accountable.

The bible refers to it as 'every man doing what is right in his own eyes'.

We sure have drifted off topic from Ike Turner...but then again...anyone who regularly reads the posts here knows that when the words God, Lord, or Jesus are mentioned at any time on the forum...the all-too-familiar protests are sure to quickly follow.

Thanks for the Christmas wishes.


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