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Posted By: Jo9hn on: 05/14/2007 23:37:09 EDT
Subject: RE: A Potentially Very Happy Wife's Anniv. Gift

Message Detail:
Bob, remember what I said before, consider me a businessman, wanting to do the correct thing rather than the wrong thing. Never feel I'm picking on you, as I offer my advice to even Wal-Mart, and they, surprisingly, listen.

Just for the heck of it, I visit other web radio stations. I ask them, if I wanted to know where I could find the exact song they played, on CD, if they could tell me. Of course, I typically get a "yes" answer. I never challenge them, just listen to what is played. I'm sure even you know that MP3s are big news with radio stations, of many kinds. Collect a bunch of MP3s, from wherever, subscribe to a streaming audio server, and you have a radio station! Even you sent me on a wild goose chase, at Amazon, claiming a song you played could be found there. Guess what, you'll never find it on CD, because "You Talk Too Much" was merged stereo from a Frankie Ford cover, in stereo, using Joe Jones vocals, when needed. And frtom the looks of it, a "MixFixer" mastered it on his own home computer. Amazing, eh?

This is why I look way beyond a person who touts the Bible. I know one too many souls that carry the bible, but they do wrong, by stealing.

Anyway, if you're not too upset by now, yes, I have Brenda & The Tabulations CD, with "Right On The Tip Of My Tongue", recently remastered to stereo, by Tom Moulton, for Jamie/Guyden Records. He also did The Kit-Kats stereo remastering. Yes, I have that, too, even with a Video. Tom said he'd rather work with The Kit-Kats material than The Beatles. Seems his interest is centered around Pennsylvania. I'd love to meet him someday. He was big in the disco scene, with his mixes. And a FYI: Jamie/Guyden said their web site will re-open in the future.

Anyway, take care Bob. Best wishes and all. Hopefully, no hard feelings. Do what you wish. I'm just a foolish CD collector, who's listening :-)

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