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Posted By: Bob Mathers on: 05/14/2007 12:08:28 EDT
Subject: RE: A Potentially Very Happy Wife's Anniv. Gift

Message Detail:

Rather than be a cynic and take the man's question 'off course', why don't you stick to the subject and help him?

Jimmy Dee is not at all mercenary in his suggestion. He is just being practical. I thought about it but wanted to first of all offer the gentleman general ideas. However, if he wanted me to do that for him, I certainly would and probably would charge him only minimal expenses (for time involved) if anything at all.

Now, regarding your reference to accessing the archives, the money people spend is actually a donation to keep the site going with hosting, streaming costs, and other expenses.

This man wrote me directly and I relayed his comments on to the site. Feel free to offer him advice (as I have) that refers him to Billboard and Cash Box...but don't come on here and make a 'dig' at our paid archives donation process.

This is not the place for that. If you do not want to give a cent, then don't. You in fact are enjoying (maybe) the new shows, information, the stream and the whole nostalgia experience without paying a penny.

My time is worth money and I do this because I love the music and I appreciate the people who come here and partake...rather than making money.

I have a 'day job' John where I work a regular 40 hours a week, and I also voice commercials and DJ weddings and oldies dances and THAT is how I make my living.

Actually, there are other sites who charge monthly and allow NO access to programs.

The point is, if we are in violation...someone will come along and bring litigation. Or order me to cease and desist. Folks 'get' what we are doing here, that's why we are not hassled.

Now quit with the digs, you hear? And as I said before...if you want to do a show and be a part of are always welcome to be included. are ALWAYS welcome to input your opinion and comments.

Chill out Jersey John...and let me know if you have a stereo copy of 'Right On The Tip Of My Tongue' by Brenda & the Tabs:)



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