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Posted By: Jim Liddane on: 05/08/2007 20:24:29 EDT
Subject: RE: For Joyce - Ask The Geator

Message Detail:
"If Jim answers this one, I'm going to sell my CD collection and take up stamp collecting!"

Nothing wrong with stamp collecting, but do not give up your CDs yet!

The song "What Shall I Do (Tell Me, Tell Me)?" was penned by Teddy Vann who wrote quite a lot of really good stuff in the early sixties, including Johnny Thunder's hit "Loop de Loop". He was also associated with The Shirelles, The Bobettes etc and was one really great producer.

As far as I know, "Frankie" was actually Estelle Bennett who was a member of the Ronettes and who was married to Teddy Vann, while the Casusal (as you might guess from the name) were simply pick-up or session musicians.

There are versions with and without the intro - the single was issued without the intro - but subsequent CD versions have the intro, which I think is pretty cool. I pefer it with the intro.

Frankie & The Casuals recorded a number of singles for Calla Records, which was fronted by Nate McCalla who was also associated with Cameo Parkway, although it was rumoured that the label was really owned by Morris Levy, who put his name to lots of songs he never wrote.

"Also, the backing instrument track was also used by artists, such as The Essex, Laura Green, Honey Townsend, and Mark Johnson. What's up with that?"

I cannot answer that one.

So no need to take up stamp collecting!

Pity - I have a fine collection of Tristan Da Cunha (almost complete), at a bargain price.

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